Press Clipping
Concert To Benefit Sol del Illimani School

Renowned for fostering South America’s nueva canción (“new song”) movement, the Chilean octet Inti-Illimani has been together nearly 50 years. Among those inspired by the group’s indigenous music and progressive politics was Colombian vocalist Karin Stein, founder of the trio Los Llaneros. The two bands will perform separately and together in a concert to benefit the Sol del Illimani school in a vulnerable neighborhood of Santiago, Chile. They’ll be assisted by students from Blake School, who will pitch in on panpipes to back the rich vocal harmonies and flute and violin work of Inti-Illimani, and provide vocal support for the gorgeous harp and cuatro picking at the heart of Los Llaneros’ “cowboy music” from the savannahs of Colombia and Venezuela. It’s a delightful blend of styles from either end of the South American continent. Britt Robson
Price: $25 - $30
Cedar Cultural Center
416 Cedar Av. S.Minneapolis, MN
7:30 pm, May 17, Sun.